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Project Description
Web based interface for automatic adding and updating of sql server 2005 table columns' ext pros on any of the databases an SQL server login account has access to. Lists all stored procedures of the chosen database and shows their content. Generates stored procedures per table

ASP.NET SQL SERVER ADMIN provides web based interface with the following functionalities:
- sql server 2005 authentication login ( do not use over plain http , if https used consider well before using in Internet
- login to different hosts
- selection of different databases on a host
- selection of all tables on a database
- selection of all stored procedures on a database and disply of its content
- adding of example extended properties for a table
- updating the existing extended properties for a table
- generation of stored procedures for : SELECT , UPDATE ,OPEN , DELETE , SELECT ALL (not all are implemented yet )

The source code contains also additional goodies for those interested in C# , ASP.NET , such as:
- classes for encryption and decription
- Debugger class with DebugDataSet and DebugDataTable methods and DebugPage methods
- RDBMS independant abstract class + db access layer
- Input validation class

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